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  • Yunqi Li

    Yunqi Li

    just another movie nerd

  • Juliette Bégué

    Juliette Bégué

    Less pop corn, more pop culture.

  • Henry Ewing

    Henry Ewing

  • Charles Leggat

    Charles Leggat

    Film student, politics nerd, junk food junkie

  • Md.Neamul Hasan Mafi

    Md.Neamul Hasan Mafi

    In general, I like to write stories.In my diary I have written some stories and poems but not professionally.

  • Jake Mercier

    Jake Mercier

    Writer and editor of The Streaming Surge on Substack — chronicling the digital Streaming War in an exciting and digestible bi-monthly newsletter to your inbox.

  • Alisha Azeem

    Alisha Azeem

    Creative, Artistic and having magic in hands! Be the change you want to achieve in this world! Changing world with good food and good words!

  • SGM


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